And So...

DND was founded in 2020, with the intentions of creating a brand so big you had no choice to but to acknowledge it.
Within the first 3 years, the fundaments of the group would form.. bringing in a variety of Content Creators, a Team of visionaries, and individuals with an unwavering ambition.

After witnessing the growth of Content Groups, Damei was determined and inspired to create a community with the message to follow your dreams and to not settle for the comfortable life to "just get by." This is where DND was born, the heavy philosophy and one message that never failed Damei to achieve many goals during his upbringing, that dreams do not die, but are carried over from one individual to another through planning, action, execution, or inspiration.

We understand the responsibility of bearing an impact on everyone we interact with, our community of supporters and fans are our biggest motivation. We are dedicated to creating a space of inclusion, connection, and constant elevation through means of entertainment, as well as, thought-provoking conversation.

Whether you are new to DND, or a well-acquainted supporter, we hope that you continue to embark on this journey with us. Hoping to impact the entertainment industry like our predecessors before us.

This is what makes us all human, what makes us all different, the minorities, we are dreamers.. but our Dreamz Never Die.

-DND, DreamzNeverDie LLC